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From Nasa to Dolph Lundgren - John Bates talks about helping people to tell their stories with impact

Episode Summary

On this episode I speak to John Bates who helped me with my Tedx for London School of Economics and through the course of that we became friends. John is a funny, lovely guy who I got a little too excited interviewing meaning I interrupt a few too many times. Hopefully that won't stop your enjoyment though because he's so worth listening to.

Episode Notes

From Utah to LA, a band member to a Silicon Valley founder, a return to Utah and becoming an extraordinary guide to leaders on public speaking and beyond John has had and continues to have such an interesting journey. This week I make a few bad jokes about my height and being the pinnacle of John's career (if you know me, you also know this is the last thing I'd ever think but it I worry it may get lost in the English sarcasm). Unlike me John tells some genuinely funny stories and even shares his brilliant impression of Snoop Doggie Dog. 

John quotes back something he was told years ago -  "John if you get up on stage and you have your attention on yourself then you have your attention on a minor ball of petty concerns that have no real interest to anyone but you. However you get up onstage and you have your attention on your audience and the difference that you're going to make for them and the difference they are going to make with the people in their lives because of it well now you have your attention on something worth thinking about." 

We chat about a wonderful guy who John works with and I've got to know a little - a Senator who has flipped his belief system following a number of years helping out in a juvenile detention centre.  Howard is now deeply passionate about enabling kids from all backgrounds with the skills to reach reading age before they come into school, helping those who are disadvantaged to start on a more even playing field. For more on this amazing initiative go to:

John relays the experience of not only training astronauts at NASA but also getting a 40 min phone call from space and his time spent helping Dolph Lundgren. I'm so chuffed to have met John and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy him too. 

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