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Models of the mind - speaking to computational neuroscientist Grace Lindsay

Episode Summary

In this episode I speak to Grace Lindsay about what computational neuroscience is, how she reached the level she has in the field and what it feels like to be one of very few women in her area of expertise. We also talk about her book Models of the Mind. The brain is made up of 85 billion neurons which are connected by over 100 trillion synapses. The book explains how mathematical models are used to understand and describe many of the complex brain processes associated with this huge and largely unexplored network.

Episode Notes

Grace Lindsay is a computational neuroscientist currently based at University College London. She completed her PhD at the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University, where her research focused on building mathematical models of how the brain controls its own sensory processing. Before that, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh and received a research fellowship to study at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Freiburg, Germany. She was awarded a Google PhD Fellowship in Computational Neuroscience in 2016.


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